What’s Up Po’Boy?

Po’boys are New Orleans’ version of the submarine sandwich. It starts with French bread, which is then filled usually with sliced meat or deep fried seafood. You can have your Po’boy dressed, which adds lettuce, tomato slices, mayonnaise and sometime mustard, pickles and onions. When I researched where to go for the best po’boys, I was directed to Johnny’s Po’Boys.

In hindsight I think going on the weekend for lunch was not the best idea. The line up was long, and it was slow. The worse part was that after I placed our order, I waited for another 20 minutes for my order to be prepared. Let’s just say I was unimpressed to say the least. But it gets worse.

Now I understand that the place is busy, extremely busy, but cleanliness is still necessary, not even one staff member was assigned to bus or wipe down tables. We ended up sitting out on the balcony and if I were to drop food on the table, the 10-second rule would not apply. It was simply nasty.

Now onto the po’boys themselves, the crawfish sandwich was bread, lettuce and tomatoes. Did I forget something? I thought they forgot something. Considering this was a $13 sandwich, I expected this to be loaded with crawfish. (You can get two pounds of boiled crawfish for $18 at some restaurants.) This sandwich had so few of them you couldn’t even taste it. I compared it to the photograph on their website, I believe our sandwich had less than a third of that. The bread was nothing special either, no crunchy exterior and denser than most French breads.

The other po’boy we ordered was the alligator sausage. This one was better since it contained a whole sausage, but it was nothing to write home about so I will leave it at that. We ordered it as a special combo so it came with a seafood gumbo. The gumbo was not too bad, it has pretty good flavour, but then it had a gritty texture to it.

This place has definitely seen better days. Maybe my timing was off? But one thing for sure, it was not the best place we ate at in New Orleans. If you crave a po’boy on your next visit, take a chance; I don’t think it will be any worse then my experience.

Restaurant: Johnny’s Po’Boys
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Website: johnnyspoboys.com

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Author: Jacob Ung Being Chinese born in the Philippines and raised in Canada, Jacob considers himself quite the cultural mutt. His father was a foodie, with his two joys in life being food and golf, in that order. Though his father loved Chinese cuisine, he enjoyed exploring food of different cultures. Through his father's influence, he and his brothers learned to love food, and he hopes to influence his sons as well.