Rethinking the Norm

Sushi pervades more and more into the diet of the everyman, and in that lays a trap to contain these Japanese staples to what we see on menu’s everywhere. I am here to talk about a paradigm-shifting dish from Kingyo Izakaya on Denman Street, which will take your taste buds on a mouth-watering ride to flavour town.

Boxed-sushi recently came into the limelight and altered, permanently, my outlook and opinions on sushi. Most of my experience with Japanese food has been relegated to eating generic rolls such as California Rolls and BC Rolls, and so when I came upon this Aburi (lightly seared) Mackerel Roll I was truly pleased. Before I could take my first bite, my friend, Jake told me to suckle—yes, I mean suckle—the sushi. It was probably the weirdest thing I have ever been asked to do while eating, but man, was I surprised. list of domains . My mouth exploded with the most aromatic and unobtrusive citrus accents. cheap car rent The sushi was perfectly juxtaposed by the meaty and savory Mackerel, and was then complimented by a tingly whole grain mustard sauce that tied the two dominant flavors together. It was simply explosive.

This dish found at Kingyo made me rethink what I have been considering sushi my whole life. There are just so many more flavours, textures, and aromas to be found that I feel my inner Christopher Columbus emerging out, and so I encourage you to do the same. English to Sindhi . Explore a new horizon of dishes that have become blasé components of our diet.

Restaurant: Kingyo Izakaya
Location: Downtown Vancouver

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Author: Caleb Liao Having grown up in a restaurant opened by his mother, Caleb has always been overly zealous and passionate about food. He finds that the best form of fellowship is through food and loves to spread the “gospel” of good eats. Now he is just a university student looking to take his pallet on an adventure.