Jean Philippe Patisserie

For the last few days we have enjoyed some excellent meals during dinnertime. But we can’t really much about our lunches. As we try to get to the SEMA show bright and early to avoid the masses, we usually skip breakfast and eat our lunches at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Don’t get me wrong, the food there wasn’t bad, it was actually pretty good; better than the food we get at our arenas and stadiums in Vancouver. But they were nothing to write about.

For the last day of our trip, we decided to take it a little easier. We had covered over eighty percent of the show in the past two days, so we decided to head in later. We had walked past Jean Philippe Patisserie each day to catch the shuttle bus, and each time walked right past due to the long lineups and our tight schedule.

This time we “stopped to smell the roses”, taking time to appreciate the decor highlighted by some amazing glass art. All this lavishness would have taken away the thunder from the food offerings of most bakeries, but here it seemed to frame the displays of outlandish cakes, delectable chocolates, intricate pastries and variety of deli sandwiches. Since it was almost lunchtime we decided to order a some sandwiches.

The sandwiches were served cold, but were nice and fresh, bursting with flavour; substantially better than our Convention Center sandwiches. As we headed to the shuttle we made plans to come back, perhaps to grab some chocolates to bring back to Vancouver. One can always use more “brownie points” with the wife, right?

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Restaurant: Jean Philippe Patisserie, Aria
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Author: Jacob Ung Being Chinese born in the Philippines and raised in Canada, Jacob considers himself quite the cultural mutt. His father was a foodie, with his two joys in life being food and golf, in that order. Though his father loved Chinese cuisine, he enjoyed exploring food of different cultures. Through his father's influence, he and his brothers learned to love food, and he hopes to influence his sons as well.