Diamond in the Rough

While wandering through Dundas Street, Toronto, I see a slew of uninspiring restaurants littered with old signs and unattractive menus. Initially, Eat Fresh and Be Healthy was no different. I probably walked past it a good 5 times before ever realizing it was there, but once I stepped in, wow. The first thing I saw was the open kitchen, and immediately, I was intrigued. I have always been a fan of them, and I find it refreshing to see a chef proud of the ingredients he is serving—not fearfully concealing it away. The aroma of all the food being cooked right before me was intoxicating and by the time I sat down, I was so ready to order.

For my starter, I ordered tempura shrimp with a pineapple salsa, which was not as crisp as I would like, but the salsa definitely made up for it and gave it a very tangy and spicy finish, which was an unexpected surprise. For my main, I got pulled pork sandwich, which was simply the best I have had outside of Texas. And for dessert, I ordered a raspberry bread pudding with white chocolate sauce, which was bursting with fresh berry flavour along with a creamy chocolaty accent.

At the end of the day, what will really make this restaurant worth coming to is how fresh and homemade everything is. For my sandwich they had homemade bread that was perfectly soft and warm on the inside while being as crisp as a chip on the outside. My friend, who ordered pasta, thoroughly enjoyed the melody of crisp garden-fresh vegetables.

Eat Fresh Be Healthy is doing something truly spectacular, in serving out fresh and down to earth food in an area, which desperately needs it. Chef Dan is undeniably passionate about his food and you can taste it in every single dish he serves. His wife (our server) was also extremely warm and even allowed my friend to substitute chicken for his pasta, without any hassle. This is the sort of restaurant that I see being worthy to appear on Triple D’s, and I feel is a must visit anytime you are in Toronto.

Restaurant: Eat Fresh and Be Healthy
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Website: eatfreshbehealthy.com

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Author: Caleb Liao Having grown up in a restaurant opened by his mother, Caleb has always been overly zealous and passionate about food. He finds that the best form of fellowship is through food and loves to spread the “gospel” of good eats. Now he is just a university student looking to take his pallet on an adventure.