The Perfect Date

One of the best date places that I recommend to my friends both single and married is cooking at the Dirty Apron. Remember, just because you are married doesn’t meant that you stop dating your spouse! Why does it make a perfect date? Unlike sitting in a movie theatre simply watching a movie, it is…

Sandwich Masters

During the work week in downtown Vancouver, one of my favourite places for lunch is Meat and Bread. Imagine my joy when they opened a second location on West Pender Street near Burrard Street just a block from our downtown office. And yes they do have lineups that spills out onto the side walk, but…


A Vancouver Staple

Sandwiches these days seem to be overly topped with garnishes, marmalades, preserves, and what have you. So it is refreshing to come to a place where there are simply two things, meat and bread, ironically, that is also the name of this joint, Meat and Bread. When you strip away the toppings or garnishes of…


Belgian Waffles!

I have tried waffles, and I have tried waffles; waffles for breakfast perhaps with a fruit topping and whipped cream, to waffles for dinner like chicken and waffles. But for dessert? I have heard rumours of a waffle bar in downtown Vancouver, but in all my random food adventures, never actually came across the place….