Buffet Capital of the World

What to eat in Vegas? Well you have to try at least one buffet, right? Once our plane landed at the airport, we quickly hailed a taxi and it was off to Caesar’s Palace, home of the Bacchanal Buffet. This buffet has been receiving plenty of accolades; the USA Today, the Las Vegas Review Journal, and the Las Vegas Weekly all rated it as the best buffet in Las Vegas; this made our choice extremely easy.

Here are a few statistics: over 25,000 square feet of dining space, seating for up to 600 guests, over 500 items served daily, nine distinct restaurant cuisines each with its own open show kitchen; all this in one place and for a mere construction cost of $17 million!

When we arrived we knew we were in the right place, though it seemed smaller than we expected. We quickly noticed two happy bronze pigs on display and instantly realized that this would be a symbol for us on this Las Vegas trip. We started with some fresh seafood at their chilled bar, continued on to a western offering of hamburger sliders, assorted fried goodies, then headed back to the seafood bar for some cooked seafood dishes such as a wonderful Spanish paella. We continued back to the smoke and grill section where we asked for a sampling of everything, and then we sensing that we would soon be full, began contemplating the massive dessert station.

So far so good, right? Wrong. Fellow foodie Peter made an interesting discovery. When he set out to take some photographs and take a much-needed breather; he realized that we had only experienced half of the buffet. The buffet zigs and zags, winding along one length of the restaurant, and we thought that the Mexican section just past the smoke and grill area was the end of the line. Well further past it we found the Italian station, stocked with cheese, cold cuts, pizza and pasta. Past that was a salad bar, which we promptly skipped. Then there was a whole section dedicated to bread. Following that there was a Japanese station featuring sushi and noodles cooked to order. And finally the Chinese station, with steamers full of dim sum, wok cooked offerings and a Chinese barbecue area complete with handing ducks and pork! All this and there was still the dessert station, said to offer up to 100 different desserts!

Needless to say we were off to a great start to our Las Vegas dining adventure. I felt that most of the dishes were really good even for especially for such a large-scale operation. Beautiful food presentations, a sleek, contemporary atmosphere and staffed by amazing people who knew that service counts even at a buffet. It is nice to see that buffets in North America are finally their standards to those that have been set by the upscale buffets in Asia. Bacchanal Buffet is pricey, but I think it is worth the experience; pretty much any restaurant attached to a casino on the strip is not going to be cheap anyways. Las Vegas wouldn’t be Las Vegas without the buffets!

Bacchanal on Urbanspoon
Restaurant: Bacchanal Buffet
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Executive Chef: Michael Van Staden
Website: caesarspalace.com/bacchanal

Author: Jacob Ung Being Chinese born in the Philippines and raised in Canada, Jacob considers himself quite the cultural mutt. His father was a foodie, with his two joys in life being food and golf, in that order. Though his father loved Chinese cuisine, he enjoyed exploring food of different cultures. Through his father's influence, he and his brothers learned to love food, and he hopes to influence his sons as well.