Rebecca Ketler

Having a complex cultural background of being half Hungarian and half Nicaraguan, with even further cultural mixes down the line, Rebecca was exposed to different cultural cuisines since birth. Growing up in Vancouver and Richmond has also allowed her to be open to all cuisines and she believes that there is no superior type of food. At 18, Rebecca began working as a server’s assistant in a restaurant, allowing her to learn in a restaurant environment about the appreciation of food. If you ask her what her favourite dish or cuisine is, she will be not be able to narrow it down as there are just too many options to choose from!

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Occupation: Commerce Student at the University of British Columbia

What is your favourite style of restaurant?

I love restaurants with a comfortable setting, friendly and approachable service, and plates that allow good conversations to flow. Small plates allow for these conversations and also allow you to try so many varieties of dishes that the restaurant has to offer!

Do you follow other bloggers?

I do, but not anyone in particular. When it comes to eating locally, I just choose restaurants at random and hope for the best. However, I wish to travel more in the future, and food blogs will become a great benefit to me when it comes to eating in different countries of the world.

How important are the photographs?

A picture paints a thousand words … well you can’t get full from words and you definitely can’t eat a picture, or can you? At the end of the day food is meant to be eaten, but it doesn’t hurt to visually capture the flavour through a nice photograph.

What tools do you use to capture images?

Photographs tell a story. Therefore when there is a food dish, it allows me to appreciate not only the taste and smell of the item, but the appearance of it as well. Unfortunately on a blog, there is no taste or smell option, and the appearance must be what sells the item!