Joe Tiongson

Being of Filipino descent, cooking and eating tasty foods have always been part of Joe’s culinary inspiration. During his teens, Joe entered the restaurant industry working part-time in the kitchen at a restaurant downtown in hopes of learning more about the culinary world. His introduction to the fast-paced environment of the restaurant industry led him to pursue a career in the Hospitality industry learning everything from food preparation to serving and bartending while paying his way through school. Upon graduation, he pursued his interest in design but carries with him the passion and adoration for good food and company.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Occupation: Creative Director at Blitzgear Inc.
Industry: Communication Design

What first inspired you to join PG?

I’ve always liked writing and I’m always eating. It’s simple really; I write what I like to eat.

What do you think makes a food blog successful?

Being able to write and have your audience relate with you on a sensual level is the key. Being able to write and have your audience relate with you on an emotional level is the door, you just have to open it for them.

What is your favourite style of restaurant?

I have to say that I’m a big fan of restaurants that encourage conversation over food. Sure it’s nice to have a sexy dinner with a fancy meal and a cloth napkin tucked in your collar while conversing with someone across from you. But, I find joy in being able to pass the plate around and letting everyone experience what I’m experiencing.

Do you follow other bloggers?

I do follow other bloggers. It has served me well for my research on with restaurants I need to try or events that I should attend, especially when I travel. I love to take time out to plan my eating adventures.

How important are the photographs?

A picture paints a thousand words … well you can’t get full from words and you definitely can’t eat a picture, or can you? At the end of the day food is meant to be eaten, but it doesn’t hurt to visually capture the flavour through a nice photograph.

What tools do you use to capture images?

I have a few cameras that I like to use depending on the setting, and event that I’m attending. Generally, my culinary adventures take place at night so I like to use a Canon G11 and take advantage of its low-light capabilities.