About Premeditated Gluttony

Premeditated Gluttony is a collective journal about our passion for food. We are based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and love promoting, educating, and enticing readers with our unique food culture. Being a multicultural city, our food represents and are inspired by cuisines from around the world. Whether one is in search of traditional ethnic dishes, Pacific Northwest interpretations, or outright fusion of different cuisines, one can find it here in Vancouver.

Our talented chefs come from all over the world, and their training is just as diverse. Vancouver is a chef’s dream, being a coastal city with access to seafood, and with a strong farming and ranching community providing a wealth of incredible local ingredients. Also being the Pacific gateway to Asia, a large assortment of ethnic ingredients is also locally accessible.

pre·med·i·tat·ed glut·tony | a fully conscious, willful intent with a measure of forethought and planning in the act of eating and drinking in excess


Although we indulge in pretty much all types of dining, our favourites include upscale casual establishments, especially places that utilize farm-to-table locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. We also love tapas style, small plates as the dishes are shareable and allow us to try more dishes. We also love fine dining restaurants as well especially ones that offer tasting menus, again allowing us to sample numerous offerings.

Our choice of food related events closely mimics our choice of restaurants, we love upscale casual and fine dining events. Food & wine festivals, and wine pairing dinners top our list, although we are known to visit almost every food related festival in Vancouver. Apart from the usually great food and beverages, we love interacting with people, people who attend these events and also the people behind the events.

How do we find or select restaurants to visit? We do our share of research from reading reviews, blogs and other news sources, and by simply listening to people. We can always use more recommendations, so please contact us if you have a suggestion. Thanks in advance.


Our contributors come from all walks of life, and some love to travel, while others travel due to the nature of their work. Ultimately each of us attempts to convert each of our journeys into another food adventure, exploring restaurants and the culture that envelops them. We regard culture as to be the primary influencer to what makes each cuisine unique. We love to learn the culture of each region we visit through our dining experiences.


We believe that our five senses all need to be stimulated; our sight need to capture creative and colourful presentations, our noses to be intoxicated by aromas, our ears to hear the crunch, our sense of touch to be stimulated by varying textures and temperatures, and of course our sense of taste to enjoy the amazing flavours. We love to savour each and every bite.

And although the food of a restaurant takes centre stage, we also feel that an alluring environment in necessary to truly satisfy us. Our senses should also be able to enjoy the setting, the environment; we pay attention to details. From the execution of the décor and table settings, to the harmony of sounds such as the level of the background music, neighbouring conversations and kitchen noise, and to the smell of a fresh, clean environment highlighted by the scented waft of dishes passing by.

We also believe that restaurants, being in the service industry, need to provide stellar service. Diners want knowledgeable and professional service that is also attentive, courteous and friendly. Great service is one that goes the extra mile.


Premeditated Gluttony was started by a group of individuals who possessed a passion for food and beverages. We were often challenged by our peers and other food enthusiasts to formalize our culinary adventures in a blog style online magazine, instead of posting our tantalizing food images and descriptions on our individual Facebook or Instagram pages.

Our group’s second common love is technology and we tasked the team at Blitzgear to create this incredible website and its tools for us. PremeditatedGluttony.com is built on a responsive, scalable platform allowing our readers an excellent experience no matter what device, operating system or browser they utilize to access our site. When one explores our website, we know that they will love features we have. Best of all, it is primarily through this technology that we are able to share our passion with those who want to know about them.